looky here

looky here at what I found today:


today the felt board at the public library toddler time just so happened to feature the story of the 3 little pigs. I took this opportunity to give it to j straight. this time he heard the story w/o any BBQ pork, potato salad, or paramedic anecdotes. whew.

i also bought j and c a outside playground set tonight. we were so fortunate that the Clampetts came to help us get it back home:


here is what it looks like off the truck and assembled:


see how happy and polite those children are being? yeah, that’ll never happen around here. more likely they’ll be war cries and hair pulling at our residence. I specifically wanted a playset with 2 swings so that I could avoid major meltdowns. Im hoping that this new member of the Drew family brings us much joy and exhaustion for years to come. amen.