“regular spartan woman”

I’ve had a much better couple of days. I get like 5% better everyday, but apparently the 30% ok mark was enough to keep me from errupting into tears. whoop! I told J I hadn’t cried in a couple days and he said “you are a regular spartan woman”. lol. niiiiccceee. my answer to him was “it takes a village to raise a child and that’s exactly what they lived in!!!”. I’d be cool if my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins lived next door… or in the next tent over or whatever. as it stands, everyday is a little better. I’m
thankful for that.

in other non-deployment related news: my kids are friggin adorable. in about the last month or so, they’ve started playing together. it’s hilarious. you can see jack’s little wheels turning trying to figure out if it’s awesome or a real pain in the backside. either way, I love watching them play together. I’m so thankful that I am able to be here with them everyday. I really dislike the Army sometimes, but it has made it possible for me to be at home with my sweet babies. whenever I think about going back to work, the number 1 thing in my mind is “but they’d be in different rooms at daycare” no bueno. I guess I could hire a nanny, but I really enjoy being the expert on my kids. it’s my favorite subject to be an expert on, actually. I’m too type A to give that over to someone else. There are times when my gorgeous babies are mysteries to me, but most of the time I know just what they need. It’s very fulfilling for me.

Right now, manners are the número uno practice at our house. Everytime J says “thank you momma/daddy/random other person” without being prompted my little heart swells. there aren’t too many times that he forgets to say “please” either. squeal! now I just have to each him not to brandish a twizzler like nunchuks and he will be all set. he is also learning numbers, shapes, letters, and word recognition. sometimes I am amazed at him. he will properly identify a shape or recognize a word like “cow” and I’m blown away.

sister is clapping and walking. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out where my baby went. she loves to “wrestle” with J, which is actually just her trying to tickle him. it’s funny bc she and Macy (my 2nd pet) have a lot in common. J has a surprising amt in common personality wise as well w/ manhattan. (hopefully minus the whole peeing on my floor thing). man is really laid back until he isn’t and then he is a complete whackadoodle. macy is high strung and into everything– much like sister. clara has a real opinion about EVERYTHING and she will let you know it. so funny someone so small has such a big personality. i think we are in for some interesting teen yrs.

anyway, I’m off to bed. more later. night!


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