yeah, I don’t know when this turned into a cooking blog, either

yeah, I don’t know when this turned into a cooking blog either. my day today was actually pretty decent, but I felt a lot more stress than usual and when I am stressed…I bake. it’s my therapy. only its cheaper and I get to eat my progress. some people drink, do drugs, smoke, exercise- I do caramel.

tonight i got a recipe for chocolate cake out of my better homes and gardens cookbook. I was distracted when I was reading the recipe and I whipped the eggs for two minutes instead of the butter. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference but I ended up with this:


I realize that my recipe dyslexia is *probably* what caused this seepage, but because I’m a super responsible adult I’m not taking any credit for this b.s. because I’m perfect and BHG can kiss my diva ass. (how is that for working on divatude? good, huh! it hurt a little).

anyway, while those pans of hot mess (literally) were ensuring that I no longer ignore cleaning my oven, I decided I was going to make some Andes candies filling. one small problem: I didn’t have a recipe and the only one I could find online required a double boiler and id rather slit my wrists and bleed out for science than e-ver use a double boiler. no problem. I was still high on my tomato-corn pie victory and thought I could make one up. I melted my Andes candies and added butter because really, why not butter? then I got real daring and added powdered sugar and then I had something that resembled ground beef. the thought did cross my mind to use the ground beef as filling, but decided that even I can’t pretend that was ok.

I went back then to an old favorite of the caramel cake variety and made caramel filling. then I looked in the oven and saw that. after pulling out my flaming pans of shit, I just dumped them into a casserole dish and poured my caramel on top. wasting caramel is sacrilegious and I already am one confession in the hole after yesterday’s antics. here is the end result:


as it turns out- chocolate explosion cake + caramel = chocolate molten lava cake. mmmMMmm. I think there is a recipe for that somewhere that you can make in the microwave though so who is really the winner here? not me and not my chocolate covered kitchen.

in other news, I let my son run around in just a diaper today. he had on a little size five thong before too long and I couldn’t figure out why there were bunny droppings all over my den. I’ll leave it at that.

weekend to do list: shampoo floors and clean oven.

I’m feeling stressed already. I think I need to bake.


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