coke crusaders

I had no idea there would be such an outpouring of support from my peeps about my undying LOVE for the coke. (re: coca cola. not the white stuff that one snorts…for cripes sake, I am a mother)

I have decided that I will start a group called “coke crusaders”. I have *no idea* what the purpose of this group will be other than basking in all of our Coke loving awesomeness. I have decided that on my (insert shameless free advertising) cafe press page there will be a whole section of inappropriate day wear that will be certainly NSFW and will make your beverage preference overtly obvious to your server. wearing these will serve two purposes 1. it’ll save you from the uncomfortable pepsi v. coke convo at your local pub and 2. it will announce your awesomeness to the world. let your light shine, baby.!

As a coke crusader you must be prepared to commit yourself to a life of red and white. I don’t necessarily think we should identify w/ the label “pepsi hata’ ” but “coke advocate” will do nicely. coke advocates, unite!


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