you mean this is my fault?

oh… I hate it when I’m wrong. I really hate having to say “you were right, I was wrong”…especially to my husband. come on, don’t act like you don’t. as a matter of a fact, I saw pillowcases today that were embroidered with “Mr. Right” on one and “Mrs. Always Right” on the other. I wonder if they have bulk discounts. but I digress…

it’s no secret that I had a bad last two days with my kids. (part of that no secret thing probably has to do with the fact I blogged about it and facebooked about it, and linked my blog from my facebook…but whatevs). today, ever the amateur child psychologist, I decided to watch my son to figure out what triggers were causing him to go from 0 to naughty in 1.2 seconds.

he usually watches PBS (aka the “babysitter”) for an hour in the morning. judge me if you want. I need that long to consume enough coffee to function, feed Clara, clean up after breakfast, and settle in for the day. the only way to avoid chernobyl is to let the kid drink some milk and watch tv. this morning I didn’t turn on the tv, but I wasn’t playing with him either. boyfriend lost his marbles. he started jumping on the couch, pulling books off the bookcase, throwing things, attempting to slap his sister… you name it. hmmm…interesting. I turned on the television and he played w/ his toys and acted like a good boy.

after his nap, I let him come out to the living room when he was ready which just so happened to be about 3 pages before the end of a chapter in my book. I finished reading and meanwhile señor grumpy was flopping around on the floor screaming like he had a compound fracture. when I was finished wrestling him and reading my chapter, I got down on the floor and we played. he was a totally different child. he was back to my little sugar dumplin. I’m sensing a pattern. I then took a step back to examine the events of the past 2 days. all signs pointed to boredom.

survey says? child acts like fruitcake when he is bored. solution? don’t let him get bored. when he took his afternoon nap, I looked up tons of activities that we can do to keep things interesting. I can only play with his toys so many times before I’d rather be jumping on the couch too.

ok, so his awful behavior the last couple days was kinda my fault. or my fault. period. gah. I hate having to admit that to other people, but it really stings when you have to take a good long look in the mirror and tell yourself that you were wrong.

I’m really surprised it took me this long to crack the code. I fancy myself quite the Nancy Drew. ha. anyway, I kept asking myself why the heck did I never get a bad report from daycare when he was going. you know, something along the lines of “please don’t ever bring your son back. we have put him on homeland securities watch list under the pseudonym “Osama bin toddler” duh! this kid had 9 other little rugrats (albeit, one with very sharp teeth and a biting problem) to keep him from getting bored.

thank goodness that Clara will be old enough to entertain him soon too. the reason God invented siblings is because parents are too old and require too much coffee to be good playmates.


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