free at last!

i keep trying to write but my girl is giving me binkie shout-outs every 30 seconds, so i keep having to erase what i have written and start over because my writing looks like an incoherent stream of bad autocorrects.

well, let me see… what has happened since we last spoke?  oh yes, thats right!  my boob jewelry is down one piece of jewelry of her own. 

i've got no chin, but i've got no cannula either! boo-yah!

hooray for being off oxygen.  i am thankful that she is off for a LOT of reasons and the fact that i won’t have to stress my way through any more overnight studies is definetly one of them.  holy crap.  seriously, that is mind numbingly stressful.  she got hooked up to a pulse oximeter and it had little red numbers that jumped around to tell what her pulse oxygen level was.  i would try not to look, but i pretty much just stayed fixated on the numbers all night.  like seriously, crazy person fixated.  anytime the number dropped below 88, my heart would stop dead in my chest.  i think i was cumulatively on more hours holding my breath that night than the entirety of plebe swimming.  bob and travel.   bob and travel.
anyway, that whole ordeal is thankfully over and sister is tether free.  tether free is the way to be.  there is only one problem.  i CANNOT stop looking up her nose.  i literally haven’t been able to look up her nose from the minute she was born.  now i can and it’s all i do.  its hair free and rather unremarkable, but its fascinating all the same.  i am so strange. 
so yesterday i was feeding clara and texting at the same time.   dangerous, i know.  especially for someone who can’t walk and chew gum simultaneously.  clara got all chuck norris on me and kicked my iphone into my glass of  iced coffee.  i’m still a little fuzzy on the details of how this happened, but all i know is my iphone took a little swim.  at first i thought it was going to be all good and then i realized when my mom called that i couldn’t hear a damn thing.  a phone without the ability to talk is kinda useless, so yesterday i had to get a new one.  i wasn’t terribly disappointed because i had been eyeing the iphone 4 and my phone was due for an upgrade, so i got the upgrade price.  i guess i could have put it in a bag of rice for a couple of days to see if it would pull the moisture out, but that would involve being without it for a few.  yeah, not going to happen.  im addicted and i admit it.  i had to sync it to my computer when i got home and i was quickly reminded why i hate syncing my iphone.  it took me 1.5 hours just to download the updated software.  say whhhhaaaaaaatttt? i had just bought my phone 1 hour before and my software wasn’t the most up-to-date?  i can tell you with certainty that this is the first and last time i will ever be updating my software for this phone.  i also had to transfer my pictures.  5300 pictures, 3 hours, and 1 dinner prep, consumption, and clean up later i had all 5300 pics on my new phone.  i am sufficiently armed to bore the shit out of whoever asks about my children. 
so yeah, the iphone thing took up most of the day.  we also went to lunch yesterday for what i am pretty sure will be the last time until both of my kids are 5.  by then though i plan on having 2 more who are about the same age as these two though, so i guess i’ll get to really be surprised what restaurant food tastes like again when these two are old enough to go to college.  the good news? i am turning into one hell of a martha stewart.  i am really quite surprised at the amount of food out there that is rip-offable.  the other week i made chicken and dumplings that were JUST like cracker barrel.  only they were better because there was no threat of my son throwing cornbread at the table next to us and somehow that just makes a meal more enjoyable, you know? 
today i suffered from another migraine.  i had never had a migraine before and frankly thought that people were being a little wimpy when they said they were laid up from a migraine. …and then God shook me really hard until my teeth were rattling around in my head.  no really, i feel like i was shaken really really hard.  it feels like when you were a kid and you are on the zipper at the fair and some drunk carnie pulls the brake too abruptly.  like, you are already sick to your stomach from all the twirling and then your brains get scrambled by your head slamming back on the cage.  it’s really quite dreadful.  it extra sucks because you can’t just walk it off or be distracted by the intoxicating smell of funnel cake.  these migraines are legite and i’d really be happy never to have another one.   it’s especially a bummer because when i am having a migraine my eyesight goes really fuzzy.  it’s like being drunk, but without the fun of the buzz and plus nauseating pain.  what bullshit.  so today, if i ever silently made fun of you and your migraines… i am sorry.  karma is.a.bitch. 
headed to bed now to read my book.  my friend told me about janet evanovich’s stephanie plum series.  i am on book 3.  i set a goal for myself on january 1 to read 6 books for pleasure this year.  i finished my 6th book last night. 🙂  4 months to go and i am halfway through book 7.  yay me!   

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  1. Tara T
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 08:33:38

    LOVE Janet Evanovich… I just finished her most recent… #17 in the Stephanie Plum series!


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