a little bit of good press…

alright, I feel like I owe my kids some good press.

awesome new tricks:
my son goes #1 on the potty before bath time every night. after he goes he stands up and screams “I did it! I did it!” and then does his little naked dance. it’s the cutest thing ever! i will get this on video and I will post it. In other news, he is talking up a storm. he can say a couple of 3 word sentences (i.e. I did it!). He is also mastering manners. he says “please” after almost everything which sometimes bleeds into the first word. The latest example: “up-plea” it sounds like uppie when he says it fast.

sister can stand up on her own with just me steadying her under her arms. no, she isn’t pulling up on things nor do I have intentions of entering her in the baby olympics. i guess it’s just cool to me because we had to do a little physical therapy w/ jman to build up his leg strength. baby hamhocks just comes by it natural. she is also smiling all the time now. im so thankful God blessed me with happy babies.


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