rapunzel, rapunzel… let down your oxygen tubing

oh snap.  it’s been a hot minute since i’ve updated this thing.  well… 50,400ish hot minutes to be precisely imprecise.  these last 5 weeks have been awesome.  i am now the mommy of 1 nugget and 1 nuggita.  as i write this, i have the nuggita dining at the milk factory.  (it’s CRAZY how much i love bfing and how much easier it is than pumpfest 2010). 

let me see… hmmm… whats a been goin’ on?  we left the hospital after a full 72 hours.  we tried to get c off of her O2 before we left, but her lungs just weren’t ripe enough for that.  she is still on 1/32 of a liter (down from 1/16th that we left the hospital with).  we stayed in the house for about 3 weeks except for trips to the doctor (which were plentiful).  after about 3 weeks of house arrest, i finally decided that c needed to leave the house sometime and that they probably didn’t give us 2 portable oxygen tanks to help me with my weight training exclusively.  on our first trip out, we went to the movie.  my mom and i saw bridesmaids.  i probably would have peed myself if 1. i hadn’t been a gold medal contender in the kegal olympics and 2. holding clara kept me from laughing to hard because she got startled.  after the movie we stopped by colorado springs gourmet cupcake shop.  the cupcakes were gross and stale and the chick at the counter said “whats wrong with her?” when she realized that c was tethered to a super sweet (and oh so out of fashion) oxygen tank. 

**side note: i just remembered seeing a very old lady with a bedazzled O2 tank bag before c was born.  i said “im totally going to do that when i get old.”  hell, i am doing it now.  i smell a joann fabrics and hobby lobby shopping trip.  we are fixing to trick her ride**

anyway, i was so flabbergasted that this girl would just straight-up ask “what’s wrong with her?”  i mean for jeebus sakes she worked in a cupcake shop… was there a shortage of sugarcoating?  doubt it.  i stuttered something about the altitude and hoped that she would just pack up my stale-ass cupcakes and we could split.  it was at that moment that the lightbulb of “shoulda, woulda, coulda” came on and i realized that i should have said “she is perfect, whats wrong with you?”  ever since that day whenever asked “whats wrong with her?” (it’s happened 3 times since) that has been my response.   you come and me with rude, you get rude.  so there.

ive seen clara without her oxygen tubing a few times and everytime she looks super weird.  it’s funny how you just get used to seeing someone a certain way and then they take off their glasses or their oxygen tubing, in our case.  i must admit, she is pretty gorgeous.   i don’t care what she has hanging off of her face.  well, except boogers.  i don’t do boogers. 

her brother doesn’t care one thing about her until she touches one of his toys and then it’s game oooooonnnnnnnn.  i think he finally realized that she isn’t leaving.  he is pretty ambivalent about that too, i suppose.  since his sister arrived he has had all kinds of visitors and gotten tons of attention.  he doesn’t hate that.  i have been busy with my  boob jewelry, so i haven’t changed many of his diapers but everytime i do i think “why am i changing this giant’s diapers?!?”  

in the past 5 weeks original recipe nugget also learned how to parkour himself out of his crib.  one day while i was at the grocery store j called and said that the baby was crying in his crib and then he stopped.  j thought he’d finally gone to sleep.  apparently, what actually happened is that he escaped his crib and was pulling every book off of his bookshelf and assaulting the pages with his teeny tiny weapons of destruction  hands.  we promptly removed the front of his bed, converting it to a toddler daybed.  we had visions of the tiny sleep terrorist walking his crib railings like a tight rope and ddt-ing the night stand (headfirst).   the first night in his toddler bed (a sunday… poor jerry) DID NOT go well.  in the meantime, things have gotten betterish.  we still have to wait for him to be on the verge of comatose before he will lay down and go to sleep.  he also combat rolls to the floor during the night.  half the time when we peak in (re: look under the door) he is asleep on the floor beside his bed.  we go pick him up and put him back where he belongs.  oh boiiii.  i ordered a toddler bed rail from walmart that will be here tomorrow.  it magically attaches to the springs under his mattress.  he will still be able to get out, but shouldn’t be able to roll to the floor.  we will see. 

anyway, its after 8 here and i am an old woman now that must go to sleep early.  i’ll write more later.  holla.


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