labor, please.

alright.  it’s official.  if baby c isnt born VERY soon she is going to be coming out with a full-set of permanent teeth and a drivers license.   and no, after this last 8 weeks of naughty behavior she will not be getting her own car…  not even a barbie hot wheels car.  (or at least not until she comes out and gives her mommy lots of good snuggles to recitfy the naughtiness). 

today i woke up in a fowly fowl fowly mood.   merely waking up on the wrong side of the bed is for chumps, i straight woke up on the wrong side of the house.  i guess it’s the two week haul.  it’s not like i am carrying around an exceptionally large amount of extra weight or anything– i just HATE waiting.  when you combine the waiting with a couple of weeks of contractions with no results, it does not a happy mommy make.  i really had some grand ideas about how i’d get out my aggression.  first,  i decided that i wanted to go for a run, but that wouldn’t work because i’d either only be able to run 5 steps or this child might have fallen smack out onto the concrete.  the next idea i had was to put on my boxing gloves (pink gloves, of course) and do some  boxing.  that plan would probably have worked if i had a boxing bag.  i don’t have a bag though and i don’t think my hubs would appreciate me being the crap out of the walls.  my last idea and the one i inevitably acted on was to get a massage.  whoop.  it was a good call.

after my amazing massage, i thought i’d go mall walk.  i did not arm myself with fresh white tennis, but i did see quite a few mall walkers who were pimping the white chucks.  my thought?  i’d go look for some keds for jackman and maybe all the walking (and jiggling) would shake me right into labor.  i walked and walked and walked and walked,  i looked in every store and no keds.  i did, however, find this shirt:

i almost never even bother to go into children’s place, but i did today.  they were having a killer sale and it was like comedy hour on their tee-shirt rack.  i also found adorable beige and navy saddle oxfords.  my choices were size 4 or size 7.  i went with the size 7s.  we will be putting those little pretties on jman’s chub feet come winter.  i am so excited. 

so after all the mall walking (almost 3 straight hours), i didn’t find keds or labor.  oh well.  no surprise there.  tomorrow is cinco de mayo.  after becoming a texas resident, i feel very compelled to celebrate cinco de mayo every year.  my daughter decided not to come beforehand, so i have been warning her that i’m going to burn her right out with the hottest salsa in town.  watch out cici.  feel the burn.


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